Writing a dissertation or thesis can be challenging. It takes a long time from start to finish, and for many people, is unlike anything they’ve ever done before. It is a big undertaking, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed, anxious, or intimidated by the process, especially if you’re doing a distance-learning program and aren’t on a campus with an easily accessible writing center. Add in working full-time, family obligations, or a pandemic, and, well, it can become even more challenging.

That’s where dissertation coaching can come in handy. No matter where you are in the dissertation/thesis process, coaching can help guide you, saving you frustration, time, and extra work. Coaches do not do the work for you – that would be unethical and a breach of every school’s honor code. But they can consult with you about questions and issues you might be having, talk you through challenges, provide support and clarification, and almost anything else along the dissertation or thesis journey.

What does a dissertation coach do?

We can:

  • Design a plan with you (with both long-term and short-term goals) that is tailored to your needs to help you complete your dissertation or thesis
  • Help organize and structure your dissertation/thesis process
  • Keep you accountable and on-track to meet your goals
  • Provide support throughout the process, clarify issues your Chair or readers have brought up, and identify areas that may need more work
  • Help to reduce anxiety and writing blocks, as well as provide you with tips for stress management, time management, and organization
  • Help prepare for oral proposal presentations and your defense

We cannot:

  • Guarantee you will pass: this is because you are responsible for your own work
  • Write your dissertation/thesis for you, not even parts of it
  • Provide you with research questions: we can discuss topics and questions with you, but we will not supply you with research questions or topics – your dissertation should be something that you are fascinated by and/or passionate about

Here at Dissertation Editor, our dissertation coaches will have an initial consultation with you via phone, Skype, Zoom, or whatever modality you choose, to establish your goals and see where you are right now. They will then work with you to set up an individualized plan that will help enable you to reach your academic goals. It can look different for everyone, depending where you are in the process and what things are most challenging for you, but our support and commitment to you is unwavering.

Contact us today to learn more about our dissertation coaching services, and to see if it’s the right decision for you!

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The staff at Dissertation Editor were professional and prompt with their responses. The editors consistently provided great feedback and suggestions to enhance the overall quality of the paper. I highly recommend their services.


- Linda S.

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