Academic Integrity Policy

We are deeply committed to the ideals of scholarly pursuit, the value of advanced education and research, and the rigorous scholarly practices and standards which demarcate it from other fields and industries. On this basis, we maintain high professional standards in our services while simultaneously remaining staunchly committed to the integrity of academic authorship. As such, we strictly maintain the following policies.

Regarding Writing

Dissertation Editor, LLC is an editing service, not a writing company. While we offer a range of services to assist our clients in the academic writing process, we do not under any circumstances compose written material for academic clients, as doing so would be a breach of academic integrity and could put them at risk of academic sanction. Naturally, we want to avoid this, both for our own integrity as professionals and for the sake and academic well-being of our clients. Accordingly, our editors can edit a client’s text for clarity, scholarly tone, structure, flow, as well as more surface level issues of grammar, spelling, or formatting. They can also provide early-stage coaching services or detailed critical feedback on a document’s structure, organization, etc. But they will not compose any text ex nihilo on a client’s behalf, as such an action would constitute academic fraud. Similarly, publication assistance for academic publication projects is in accordance with the editorial support typically provided by an academic press. As such, all our editing, formatting, consultation, and data analysis services are available to scholars seeking assistance in academic publishing. However, we will not under any circumstances provide ghostwriting services for projects intended for traditional academic publication outlets or benchmarks of academic career advancement, such as tenure portfolios.


Regarding Plagiarism

In every service order we send a client, we clearly state the following: “Since we take academic integrity very seriously, we cannot edit passages of text that have been plagiarized from other sources.” For our purposes, plagiarism encompasses not only deliberately fraudulent claims of authorship or the outsourcing of text composition to second-party labor, but also to any pattern of failure to adequately cite source material by means of appropriate quotation marks, in-text citations, or references. While we appreciate that most of our clients are proud and protective of the integrity of their authorship, we recognize that instances of plagiarism do appear in the course of our work. In such cases, it is our strict policy to immediately abort the order in question and to refuse further work from the client until full assurances of reparation have been secured.


Regarding AI-Generated Text

In alignment with our commitment to academic integrity, Dissertation Editor, LLC does not edit work that has been written by artificial intelligence. Editing AI-generated text undermines the authenticity and originality that are the cornerstones of academic authorship. We strictly adhere to this policy to preserve the scholarly standards and integrity within academia. Any submissions found to include AI-generated content will not be processed, and we will discontinue further work with the client until the issue is fully resolved.

Questions or concerns about these policies should be directed to our CEO Dr. Allen Roda (

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