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Let our professional PhD-editors format your document for you. We have experts in all academic styles (APA, Chicago/Turabian, Bluebook, MLA, Harvard, and More). We guarantee compliance with any University or academic journal guidelines. 

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Students often find formatting to be the most frustrating part of writing their dissertations, as they are primarily focussed on getting their ideas down on paper, rather than getting page numbers in the right spot and the headings accurate and uniform.

Judith Jackson-Pomeroy, PhD,  Project Manager

Our Formatting Services Include

  • Tables, graphs, figures, charts, and equations (we can create them or reformat per any style guide)
  • Preliminary pages
  • Table of contents, list of figures, & list of tables
  • In-text citations, references, footnotes, endnotes, and bibliography
  • Margins, running heads, headers, headings, title pages, and pagination
  • Fonts, punctuation, acronyms, indentation, block quotes, etc.


We guarantee your formatting will meet the submission guidelines of any journal or University. Submit your document for a free quote.

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We Only Employ Editors With PhDs Who Have Experience and Expertise in Formatting Using the Following Styles:

Chicago Manual of Style

See Samples of our Editing and Formatting Styles

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Contrary to many online editing and consultation services, we do not offer one standardized approach to pricing. Rather, for every order, we carefully assess your document and provide a quote that correlates with the work your document requires and the services you have requested. To get started, either email us or submit your documents online. One of our PhD-Academic Consultants will carefully review them and send you an offer of services including a quote and exact turnaround time.

If the proposed offer of services meets your needs, we can accept the first payment and begin the work immediately. However, if you decide you would like to modify the proposed offer of services to better suit your needs, please let us know and we will adjust the order accordingly. We offer discounted retainer agreements for clients interested in working with us long-term.

The turnaround time for an order is directly related to the order’s size and scope and can vary from 5 to 12 business days depending on the size of the document, the length of the references, and number/complexity of tables and figures. 

I have no complaints. The turnaround time was fast and the price was fair. My manuscript reads much better, more scholarly now! I am very happy with the edited product and I would use Dissertation Editor in the future. I would also recommend Dissertation Editor to my colleagues and friends!

 - Conrad Q.

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