Retainer Packages

For clients who wish to work with us over the long term, we offer retainer packages with discounted services. Retainer packages are very effective for clients who are working on large, multi-phase projects, or wish to submit one chapter at a time. Essentially, it is our way of offering a bulk-rate discount, without you needing to have all your materials ready at once to receive it. The larger the retainer is, the deeper the discounts are.

Our team is divided into two departments, Statistics and Editing, and both departments offer retainers.  Since many of our clients work with both editing and statistics simultaneously, we keep the two retainers separate in order to keep track of the work we are doing and your balance at any given time.  Once you no longer need help with one, you may transfer your balance to the other. 

Editing Retainers

$2,000.00 Retainer Package

$3,000.00 Retainer Package

$5,000.00 Retainer Package

Stats Retainers

$1,000.00 Retainer Package

  • Analysis Planning (quantitative only project): $450 (10% off)
  • Analysis Planning (mixed methods project): $535 (10% off)
  • Phone Consultation: $110.00/hour 
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses: 10% off standard rates
  • Document Review: 10% off standard rates

$2,000.00 Retainer Package

  • Analysis Planning (quantitative only project): $425 (15% off)
  • Analysis Planning (mixed methods project): $505 (15% off)
  • Phone Consultation: $100.00/hour 
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses: 15% off standard rates
  • Document Review: 15% off standard rates

Analysis Planning and Full Analysis Comprehensive Service Package $3500.00*

This package is best suited for a quantitative client who has a solid grasp on their research questions and hypotheses, but do not yet know which analyses need to be done and would like help conducting them once they have been determined. 

This package includes the full analysis planning package where our statistician will read through the entire document and study materials and then focus on your research questions and hypotheses prior to the development of the analysis plan. This process assigns variables or groups of variables to every concept you discuss in your research questions and specific analyses to each relationship between concepts you wish to test. Once the plan is complete, you will have a follow up consultation with your statistician to discuss the plan and any questions you have prior to going forward.

Next, your statistician will go forward and conduct the analyses determined in the analysis plan. The statistician will assess the descriptive statistics, assumptions of your analyses, and analyses. After that, your statistician will create a written interpretation guide, a bullet-pointed guide to helping you understand the results of the analysis in terms of your research questions. This will include the relevant tables, graphs, and figures. You will then also have a follow up call with your statistician to walk you through the results and any questions you have going forward. 

Additionally, you will have two extra follow up calls that can be used at any point throughout the package. Most commonly they are used to ask additional questions as you draft your Results chapter or to prepare for the oral defense. 

* PLEASE NOTE – The Comprehensive Service package cannot be used for the following types of Data Analysis:
– Structural Equation Modeling based analyses (including but not limited to Structural Equation Modeling, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Path Analysis, Growth Curve models), 

  • Projects with more than 3 research questions, or additional analyses not included in the analysis plan or those not requested prior to completion of the analysis. 
  • Qualitative Analysis or Mixed Methods
  • Follow up analyses (i.e. post hoc tests, nonparametric tests) or table/figure/charts that accompany the initial planned analyses are included as long as they are within the parameters of the initial analyses and not new tests.
  • Follow up analyses and update requests can be requested for 30 days after the analysis has been completed.

Please also note that our data analysis services do not include results delivered in specific formatting, nor does it include formatting or editing any chapters or other writing. *

Retainer Policies

If you complete your dissertation or decide that you no longer want to use our services, we will refund any remaining balance to you. If you use 75% of your retainer on services with us, we will return the remaining 25% at full value. If you only use a small fraction of your retainer, we will apply a 25% service fee to your balance. In short, we don’t want someone to purchase a $5,000.00 retainer, get a huge discount on their $500.00 order and then ask that we return $4,500.00 to them because they no longer need our help. That is not the spirit of the relationship we hope to establish with our retainers.

I had no idea I needed to have my dissertation professionally edited until I was at the end of my schooling, so I had no idea what to look for. I contacted Dr. Pollan and she was extremely informative in every part of the process. I would use her services again if I needed them. The resulting edits far exceeded my expectations!

- Debra F.

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