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PhD students are often overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. A one-on-one coaching session with our editors, who have decades of experience designing projects and in supervising PhD students, usually helps!

Dr. Lauren Saunders, Vice President of Editing and Research

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How Does it Work?

Private tutoring and coaching by PhD-statisticians 

This service allows clients to speak directly with one of our statisticians about their project. We carefully pair each client with a consultant who is appropriately suited to the clients’ specific needs.

Perfect for the beginning stages of your methodology, a coach can help you refine your analysis ideas and develop a research plan. Advisor’s feedback is a common topic of discussion with our coaches or consultants. Clients often use our consultation services after they have received feedback from their advisor about their methodology or results chapters. This gives them the opportunity to work with a methodologist and ask questions along the way.

Clients can also use our coaching sessions if they want to learn how to use the softwares and do the analyses themselves. This allows them to learn the statistical analyses and apply it to future projects they may work on. 

Tutoring/coaching sessions are billed by the hour and generally conducted via Zoom. The cost is $130 for the first hour and $110/hour for each hour after, with discounts on packages of 5 or more consultation sessions: 5 consultations = $100/hour.

Contact Us to discuss our one-to-one coaching or tutoring services in more detail.

Critical review and written feedback by PhD-editors and statisticians

With this service we provide written feedback on your drafts via our document review service. Your statistician will analyze the structure of your methods and results chapters and strength of your arguments and interpretation, and provide you with written feedback containing suggestions and advice on how to develop your work further. This is most helpful when most of the writing is complete and a final review is needed before it goes to the advisor or when the client has just received feedback from the advisor and needs help to proceed with the changes. The statistician will also then meet with you to discuss their feedback and recommendations.

Common issues addressed through this document review service include:

  • Conceptualization and planning of methodology and data sources
  • Providing feedback about methodology and survey instrumentation alignment with research questions
  • Strengthening the methodology and research questions
  • Review and critique of data analysis plans
  • Establishing validity and reliability, along with assumptions for each statistical test
  • Assessment of statistical analysis interpretation
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