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Our professional PhD-coaches, editors, and statisticians can guide you efficiently and effectively through your dissertation journey.

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PhD students are often overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. A one-on-one coaching session with our editors, who have been there, usually helps!

Dr. Allen Roda, CEO and Editor in Chief

Meet our team

Private Tutoring and Coaching

  • Use this service to speak directly with one of our PhD-educated editors or statisticians. We will carefully pair you with a consultant appropriate for your specific needs.

  • Receive one-to-one coaching on your academic writing, research, and/or data analysis.

  • A coach can help you to refine ideas or develop a research plan. Supervisor feedback is also a popular discussion point. Clients often use our consultation services to discuss written feedback from a developmental or methodological review, or a line edit.

  • Sessions are conducted via Zoom. The first session costs $130/hour. Each subsequent session costs $110/hour, with discounts also available: 5 consultations = $100/hour ($500); 10 consultations = $90 per hour ($900).

How The Process Works

  • Contact D|E to discuss your coaching and consultation requirements.

  • Share any relevant materials with us too (e.g., outline plans, draft text, dataset(s), advisor or committee feedback).

  • After the initial discussion and a careful review of your documents, we will send you a quote.

  • We will arrange your first consultation as soon as pracitcally possible (typically within a week of payment). We offer expedited services for an additional fee.

  • We offer discounted packages if you plan to work with one of our PhD-educated tutors long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

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