As graduate school looms in the not-so-distant future, you might be a little anxious about starting or going back to your graduate program or stressed out about your dissertation or thesis. If you’re starting a new job, you might be apprehensive about that. You might be wondering how you’re going to juggle family responsibilities, work, and school (see one of our posts about this, like this one here). There are a variety of ways to manage your anxiety and one of these tools is to get outside. Spending time in nature can help reduce stress and anxiety, boost mood, and help combat burnout. Being in nature – even looking at pictures of nature – can even help your physical health by lowering your blood pressure, reducing muscle tension, and reducing the production of stress hormones. It also increases your attention span and helps you focus!

If you don’t have all the outdoorsy gear or you’re not a big outdoors person, don’t panic. Here are some easy ways you can get out and reap the benefits of nature.

Take a hike. Literally! Google your area and walking trails and you’re more than likely going to find some township or city trails you didn’t even know about. If you can’t find trails, find a local park with a track or walking path. Call a friend and take a walk together. If you have kids or a partner, set up some quality bonding time with them. Don’t forget your sunscreen and water!

Explore. Take your kids to a new park or playground, take your dog for a long walk, or find a new neighborhood and take a walk around or go for a bike ride.

Just leave the house or office. Take a book – no school-related work! – and go to the park or your backyard and put a blanket down and read outside. Hang out with friends on a porch or stoop and talk, instead of being cooped up indoors. Watch the sunset from your backyard, a rooftop, or a park – and then look for shooting stars after it gets dark. Take a walk at lunch instead of staying at your desk. All of these things will help you get some fresh air. You’ll be glad you got outside.

Be creative. If you can’t get outside as much as you’d like, remember that even looking at nature scenes can be beneficial. Why not change your background screen or home screen of your computer to a calming nature scene or a place you’d love to visit?

After you refocus, ease some of that tension, and you’re ready to get back to work, Dissertation Editor can help you with any challenges you face, work-wise. We’ve been where you are and our team of editors and statisticians can assist you with projects, papers, and theses. While we cannot do the work for you, we can help provide you with guidance and feedback that can help you take your work to the next level. Contact us today to learn more!
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Dr. Roda and his team at D.E. are the editors for my academic writing. My story with Dr. Roda is that I am a clinical assistant professor at a medical school. To move my career forward I am writing to increase the quantity and quality of my published scholarship. Because my appointment is clinical, all these efforts are on my own time and I have no secretarial help. In these circumstances DE has been supportive in the most essential way. They are available to help with all phases of my writing projects, starting with choosing the best journal, editing drafts, in house peer-review, formatting the citations to those exact specifications, from the latest edition of the APA Publication Manual or the Turabian manual. Finally, they are helpful as I must revise and answer the reviewers in subsequent revisions. For a physician without any administrative resources, DE has helped fill-in all those gaps. Presently, we are working on my second big writing project with DE editors. My first paper with DE as my editors was accepted by the first journal by all the reviewers on the first submission without any recommended editorial changes. As author with more than five years of work with DE editors, I anticipate continued success with these competant and helpful editors.


- Dr. Mike

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