If you have math anxiety, you’re not alone. Many kids, teens, and adults have anxiety or trepidation with math, which has often led them to avoid it at all costs. But when you’re working on a thesis or dissertation, even if you’re not going into a math-related field, you most likely have some sort of data analysis to do. Understandably, this may trigger some anxiety or feelings of avoidance.

We get it. Believe me, many of us have been there (there’s a reason many of the editors are not also statistics specialists). Anxiety about math or numbers is very real, but there is assistance out there. Dissertation Editor can help. We have an entire team of statisticians and research analysts ready to assist you with whatever research project you have – qualitative or quantitative.

So how can DE help you with your math anxiety?

We can help demystify terms and analyses. Many times, students come to us with questions because they don’t understand all of the mathematical or statistical terms or what each analysis does. Our experts can help clarify terms and explain each test and analysis in a clear, concise way that will help you make the appropriate decisions for your work.

We can help troubleshoot existing analyses. If your analysis is already in-progress and you’re running into some problems, our statistics team can take a look and find out where the issue is, and provide some guidance to help you run the data and continue with your work.

We can help with preparation and development of qualitative data. If you’re doing a qualitative study, you will need questions that follow your line of inquiry. You will also need to have a plan regarding how you will acquire your data. Once you have it, qualitative data requires preparation and coding. We can assist you with all of this and help you align the data with your theoretical or conceptual framework.

We can help you integrate it into your larger paper. While we cannot do your work for you, our statistics and editing teams can consult with you to talk about how your tests and results fit into your larger study, and their relationships to your research questions and hypotheses.

We can help break down big projects into small, manageable chunks. As with any big project, data analysis can be overwhelming and intimidating when viewed as a whole. Our stats team can help break down your data analysis portion of your project into small parts. First, we can assist you in making a plan for the work, and explain anything you don’t understand. Throughout the process, our team is there for you in clarifying feedback you might get from your chair or committee, answering any questions you have along the way, and helping you understand what needs to be done in order for you to be successful with your project. By helping to organize your work in this way, it will be much more manageable, much less stressful, and we can help you reach your goal.

Here at Dissertation Editor, our stats team can provide expert guidance and assistance while also providing critical feedback and reassurance throughout your work on your project, from conception to turning in the final product. We are here to answer questions, explain findings, edit and format your write-ups, and much more. If you have math anxiety or even if it’s just not your strongest area, DE can help you navigate your research and data analysis from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of assistance!

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I ran across this editing team after having a horrible experience with another editing service. I was very hesitant but looked at the reviews and decided to give them a shot. My expectations were surpassed, and I hate that I spent money with the other company. This team is very professional! I used both editing and statistical services. They are timely and their work is amazing!


- Erica M.

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