As a student working on your PhD, Master’s, or other academic/professional degree, you’re probably not getting much rest from your thesis/dissertation writing this Labor Day weekend . All of us at Dissertation Editor have earned our PhD’s, but we remember well those sleepless nights and long days of writing, reading, collecting data, analyzing it, writing some more, and revising. It can feel isolating and lonely – after all, only 1.1 percent of the world’s population gets a PhD -- so that’s why we’re here. We're passionate about academic research and writing and we’re always happy to talk to students about their projects, see how we can help, and offer a free quote. But, hey, it’s Labor Day weekend and we can’t stress enough that on this unofficial last day of summer, try to take the day, a few hours, or even just 59 minutes to chill, reflect, look forward, or make a list of 1. Things you’re looking forward to in the fall; 2. Goals for the fall semester; 3. Shopping list for your Labor Day BBQ.    

Favorite Labor Day foods and Recipes

It’s supposed to be a relaxing day, so we recommend you save making a list of goals for the fall semester for another day and focus on this day.  

Classic Potato Salad

This recipe will make your friends and family think you're attending cooking school rather than post-graduate school! Yes, it is that delicious, and most importantly it’s easy peasy.

Veggie Skewers  

  • Chunky chop the following veggies: tomatoes, red onion, Portobello mushrooms, bright colored peppers
  • Add these to a bowl and toss together with fresh-ground pepper, salt, and extra virgin olive oil. Let them get to know each other
  • Put them on a skewer. I suggest the following order: onion, mushroom, pepper, tomato, repeat
  • Place in a preheated over at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes or until the smell is so good you can’t wait any longer

Steak Tips

Here’s a recipe I love. You’ll have to adjust the cooking time for rare, medium-rare, medium, well-done, of course.

For the vegetarians and vegans among us, I must add a plug for all the great meatless products you can find at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or any quality market.

Local Corn on the Cob

  • Add corn to cold water and bring to a boil
  • Let boil for 5-10 minutes (or until you detect a divine aroma of corn)


All Things Fall: Things to Look Forward to this Season

While you wait for your Labor Day feast, make your list of Things I’m Looking Forward to in the Fall. To get you started, here’s a list of Fall favorites from the team at Dissertation Editor.


Allen Roda loves to take his kids apple picking every fall

Rushika De Bruin  cooler weather!

Anna Malik is waiting until Tuesday to get her first pumpkin spice latte of the season  

Sara Cole can’t wait for sweater weather

Lauren Benke hot tea and cozy nights by the fire

Judith Jackson-Pomeroy a glass of hot apple cider spiked with spices  

Michael Flexsenhar looking forward to baked apples with maple syrup

Stephanie Higgs hankering for hot apple cider donuts


A few other things that came up for the team as we ruminated on all things Fall:

Leaves turning color, falling, and crunching underfoot

Chrysanthemums in pots

The sounds of the wind in maple trees

Baked squash

Pumpkins on doorsteps


When you wake up the day after Labor Day, do something on your list and give us a call at Dissertation Editor. We’d love to help kick start your semester with a free (one-page) sample edit to showcase our services and get you back into dissertation-writing mode. 


Bon appetit!

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