The school year is getting underway and Dissertation Editor is ready to help! Our name might have the word “dissertation” in it, but did you know that we aren’t just for dissertations or theses? That’s right! We offer a range of services for both students and professionals, at every stage of your career. Want to know more? Read on.

What, exactly, do you offer?

Glad you asked!

Are you looking to apply to graduate school, an internship, a fellowship, or special program? We can help! We won’t be able to write anything for you, but we can edit your work, ensure that you’ve followed all of the instructions, and provide critical feedback to help make your application the strongest it can be. Have an interview coming up? We offer consultations where you can practice your interviewing skills with one of our professional editors to prepare for future interviews.

Our editors don’t just edit dissertations or theses: we can assist you with editing, developing, and formatting any major paper or writing project you have. At Dissertation Editor we pride ourselves on providing personalized evaluations of each project, which is why we can’t provide price quotes or editing plans before we see your project. We take the time to find out what your challenges are, what you’ve already done, the scope of your work, and what is needed, and then we come up with a plan that is unique to your specific academic and professional needs. Whether it’s a short story, a report, an essay, or a dissertation, we can help!

Although our business was built on editing, we also have an amazing expert team of statisticians and data analysis professionals. We know that stats and math don’t come easy to everyone, which is why our stats team is here to help. We offer tutoring, dissertation analysis assistance, and stats consultations to help you understand the methods used in data analysis, what it means for your research, and how to integrate the data into your larger project. Check our our data analysis FAQs here.

Are you done with your dissertation? Out of school? Congratulations! Did you know we can still be of assistance? We have assisted many clients with editing, developing, and formatting journal articles for submission and publication, and also helped clients turn their dissertations into books. We have edited both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, academic manuscripts, and manuals and study guides of all kinds.

If you’ve recently graduated or are facing a career change, you might be overwhelmed with revising your CV or resume – but we can help! Our editors can assist you in creating a professional document that will help you put your best foot forward in the job market. Once you’ve landed an interview, we can also assist you with interview rehearsal and preparation.

From college through graduate school – and even beyond, Dissertation Editor can provide you with the expert assistance you need to take your work from good to great. Our team of editors and statisticians is here to help in any way possible. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals.
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Dr. Roda and his team at D.E. are the editors for my academic writing. My story with Dr. Roda is that I am a clinical assistant professor at a medical school. To move my career forward I am writing to increase the quantity and quality of my published scholarship. Because my appointment is clinical, all these efforts are on my own time and I have no secretarial help. In these circumstances DE has been supportive in the most essential way. They are available to help with all phases of my writing projects, starting with choosing the best journal, editing drafts, in house peer-review, formatting the citations to those exact specifications, from the latest edition of the APA Publication Manual or the Turabian manual. Finally, they are helpful as I must revise and answer the reviewers in subsequent revisions. For a physician without any administrative resources, DE has helped fill-in all those gaps. Presently, we are working on my second big writing project with DE editors. My first paper with DE as my editors was accepted by the first journal by all the reviewers on the first submission without any recommended editorial changes. As author with more than five years of work with DE editors, I anticipate continued success with these competant and helpful editors.

- Dr. Mike

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