Ready to tackle organizational change like a pro? The Master Change Agent Framework is your trusty guide through the chaos of transformation. We are proud to spotlight our previous client, Dr. Mary Barnes, with over two decades of experience.

For change leaders feeling lost in the whirlwind of change, this book is your lifeline. Dr. Mary Barnes offers a practical roadmap for success:

                          1. Polish your leadership skills for change.
                          2. Customize your approach for consistent wins.
                          3. Make organizational systems work for you.
                          4. Tackle common change agent problems.
                          5. Assemble a team that's just right for the job.

This book is a practical guide loaded with tips, templates, and real-life examples. Say goodbye to change chaos and hello to confident, effective leadership. You can purchase her book here on Amazon.

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Having a neutral editor review my dissertation and help me reduce the content to the key facts was incredibly helpful. As researchers, we are often too close to the data to know which parts of the document to shed and which to keep. This process helped me create a better document with more focus and better delivery of the research results.

- Kim M.

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