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Book Spotlight: Mental Health and Suicide

13th November 2023

Mental Health and Suicide: My personal story and the stories of those left behind, with a deep dive into the construction industry

Book Spotlight: The Master Change Management Framework

13th October 2023

Book Spotlight

Student Persistence

2nd March 2023

"Staying the Course"


Why Should I Turn My Dissertation into a Book?

9th May 2014

Why You Should Convert Your Dissertation into a Book   There are only two reasons to convert your dissertation into a book, and they’re both really good reasons.

Having a neutral editor review my dissertation and help me reduce the content to the key facts was incredibly helpful. As researchers, we are often too close to the data to know which parts of the document to shed and which to keep. This process helped me create a better document with more focus and better delivery of the research results.


- Kim M.

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