Explore the heart-wrenching reality of the construction industry in the United States through the eyes of Dr. Vince Hafeli, who bravely shares his extraordinary life journey and the startling statistics that reveal the industry's highest suicide rate. As a valued client, we are proud to present this emotionally charged narrative that sheds light on the industry's highest suicide rate and its profound impact on the lives of those working in construction.

Through poignant storytelling, Dr. Hafeli weaves together his personal narrative with twelve individual stories of those who have lost loved ones to suicide within the construction sector. This raw and emotional account is based on qualitative interviews, candid conversations, and his own lived experiences, providing readers with a profound insight into the struggles faced by individuals in this demanding profession.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn as Dr. Hafeli recounts his own battle with despair, offering a unique perspective on the mental health challenges prevalent in the construction industry. As the stories unfold, a powerful message emerges—one of hope, resilience, and the urgent need for change.

This book serves as a wake-up call to industry leaders, urging them to prioritize mental health and suicide prevention within their organizations. Drawing on Dr. Hafeli's findings, the narrative makes a compelling case that addressing these issues not only leads to a more resilient and loyal workforce but also provides a competitive advantage in the construction sector.


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When writing my dissertation, I realized that I needed, and wanted, to make my final deliverables the very best representation of me and my work. I employed D|E to review and give suggestions, recommendations, and input to my efforts – and I was not disappointed. D|E’s staff were all very responsive, professional, and qualified.
After receiving my PhD, I again contacted D|E to assist and direct me in converting and expanding upon my dissertation into a Book. Once again, I was not disappointed and extremely pleased with D|E’s staff experience, knowledge, and expertise. My book is currently published and available for purchase on Amazon.com. I highly recommend D|E.

- Zelma Talley , Dr.

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