Dr. Marquita Hockaday

Dr. Hockaday is our lovely member of the Editorial Assessment team. With over 15 years of experience in academia, she helps students succeed, specifically those from diverse and marginalized backgrounds. She is skilled in Literature, Lesson Planning, Editing, Educational Technology, and Curriculum Development.

She is currently working on two projects for us at Dissertation Editor, but is excited to see them come to fruition. She says, "I'm using my background in teaching/curriculum leadership and creating some curricula that I'm hoping we can share with clients. I'm starting on the ground level with research questions and helping clients who are in the proposal/beginning stages. I'm using Canva to create something really nice & eye-catching 🙂." Dr. Hockaday prides herself in helping clients understand how our services work, and leaves a smile on their faces with her upmost care for clients' education.

As we have an Academic Integrity Policy for clients, she is also using her background to create a Code of Ethics for Dissertation Editor. She believes it is valuable to protect both our clients and the team members. Her empathy and care for academia has made her a valuable asset to D|E, and a wonderful member to look up to. 

You can find her LinkedIn here for further information on her credentials.

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My statistician and the Dissertation Editor team were especially helpful and instrumental in assisting me with my qualitative research project. She assisted me with developing a thematic analysis to develop themes across my very large dataset so I could address each of my research questions. 


It was a rigorous process in which she familiarized herself with the data, and helped with coding, theme development, and revisions. She assisted me in identifying patterns and talked me through ways to write a summary of the dataset which can be used to address each research question.


I learned a lot from her about how to draw insights from qualitative information, and ways to organize my findings coherently. She helped me to ensure that there was a balanced, representative and non-biased narrative. My statistician is a very skilled researcher who can remain aware of the overall, larger-scale content of the data while also examining specific concepts or pieces of content under scrutiny.


I highly recommend her and this company!

- Claire McCue

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