If you’re suddenly finding yourself with a remote college or graduate school experience for the time, when you planned for in-person learning, don’t panic. Yes, it will be different for a while and not what you expected, but there are still ways to make and maintain connections with your classmates, cohort, and advisor. Forging connections with classmates and your advisor will provide you with a sense of community and allow you to ask others when you have a question, get feedback when necessary, and it can provide much-needed emotional and academic support at a time when things feel uncertain and unfamiliar for so many people.

Here are some ways to maintain connections when not on-campus.

Form a social media group! Many schools or programs often create Facebook groups for cohorts or certain classes to join, in order to maintain some sense of group cohesiveness and community. If there is not one of these groups, perhaps it might be beneficial to send an email to your program to see if one can be created.

Check in regularly. Whether you have an established relationship with your advisor or you’re just starting your program, checking in regularly with them is a good idea. Introduce yourself, get to know them, and ask them if you have any questions about your research plans or classes.

Look for inventive ways to connect. Some cohorts have Zoom get-togethers or happy hours, Skype chats, book clubs, or study groups. Others just maintain a busy Facebook group with lots of discussion. There are lots of ways to connect with your classmates, it will just look a little different. Your academic department might have department-wide Zoom conferences or get-togethers; these are often worth checking out, even if it’s to meet others in your department.

If you’re having difficulty during your studies, the connections you have can help you find your way. Email your advisor about looking for a tutor over Zoom through the academic center, or put together a Zoom study group with some of your classmates. Here at Dissertation Editor, we know this year is a year that’s different in every way, and we’re here to help. We offer a range of services – all remote and virtual – to help you reach your goals. Contact us today to learn more!

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