Budgeting Wisely

Budgeting is something we all strive for when making purchases. Whether it's putting an item back or using a coupon, it proves to always be beneficial for your wallet. Did you know you can do that with our services as well? Recently, we've updated our Editing and Statistics packages to reflect the effectiveness of our services on a budget.


This option is great for those that are just starting out on your Dissertation process, or will be needing extra support through follow-up orders and other various services. For each retainer, you also receive a discount on all of our services!

                          • $3,000 package: 10% discount on all orders

                          • $5,000 package: 12% discount on all orders

                          • $8,000 package: 15% discount on all orders

"What services are included?" ALL of them! From our Coaching and Consultation, Annotated Bibliography, to Editing, we're here to support you at every stage of your Dissertation. All of our editors have acquired a PhD, and are here to give valuable feedback and guidance to ensure your academic success.


If interested, we would love to set one up for you today. You can call us at (857) 600-2241, or email us at info@dissertation-editor.com

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I will highly recommend Dissertation Editor. They are patient with their clients and willing to give you the best. It is best for students and professionals.

- Eunice A.

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